The Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever

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Imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t been sitting there to see the movie trailer. What a major disappointment that would have been for Matt Still after all the preparations had she not seen it.

In Georgia, Ginny will never forget the movie trailer Matt Still put together for her. He didn’t want to do what the typical ideal wedding proposal is, get down on your knee and ask her to marry him. He wanted this to be the most special moment of her life.

In Locust Grove, Georgia, Matt put together a movie trailer that would top all movie trailers. It made me cry. He got together with a professional videographer and made up a true to life, Hollywood story.

He began with asking Ginny’s father for her hand in marriage. Telling him how special she is to him and how he would take care of her. He then left her father behind as he raced out to his car and sped across town to the theater where Ginny sat watching the whole thing.

The coolest part, is we were able to watch live Ginny’s reaction and saw her realizing that this was Matt talking to her father. She was so sure of it. They never did show their heads to be able to identify them but she recognized voices and other things about them.

It all ends in the theater. It’s a got to watch movie trailer. I loved it and wish I had more to remember about how I was proposed to. Mine was, “Well, do you want to get married?” I know he was really nervous about it.

I don’t think anyone can top this one.



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