Madonna Divorces Guy Ritchie Over A Horse

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MadonnaMadonna and Guy Ritchie is going towards divorce after the signer accused her husband of not showing sympathy over the incident where she tumbled from a horse. 50 year old Madonna was taken to the hospital after she fell from riding a horse on her Wiltshire estate on her 47th birthday, leaving behind several broken bones and a broken heart, as she felt that her husband abandoned her ‘emotionally’.

Sources say the aftershocks from the 2005 accident sparked the rows that ended their 7½year marriage and saw the pair confirm The Sun’s exclusive that they will divorce.

After the horrific incident Madonna expected her husband to put everything else behind to be by her side but instead of doing that Guy said “Come on darling, you’re a tough bird. You’ll be back on the horse in no time”, as if the accident which almost killed her was nothing. “She was so furious at what she saw as Guy’s lack of support and cruelty that she told him she was wrong to marry him as he couldn’t possibly be her soulmate.” an insider said. But Guy claimed that he was trying to be calm, as he was very sure that her wife was too tough to die.


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