It Was Tiny and Walked on All Four Legs

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In Chiquimitio, a small town in Michoacán, Mexico, an unusual creature appeared. It had features about it that made it exceptional within the area of cryptozoology. The creature was walking on all four of it’s skinny legs as witnessed by some area residents. As they watched, it stood up on it’s back legs.

Chiquimitio is a tiny area where about 1500 people live. It is located nearly 2020 meters above the sea level. It is also very close to the city of Morelia. That is the area where the residents saw the extraordinary creature.

They described the creature as having very tiny arms and legs and body. It had a very small amount of hair on it.

There were not many witness’s to this event and the ones there were frightened by the creature.

Their fear was so great that they severed it’s tiny head with only one hit and tossed it’s tiny body to the dogs.

Chiquimitio is a farming community in Mexico and they carry machetes with them when the walk about.

Some of the witness’s also took a few of the remains of the creature. These pieces they took were the only evidence of the creatures existence.

There is also a video someone took with a cell phone. They had taken the head of the creature and placed it against what seems to be some wooden planks. There were also 3 pictures taken that portrayed it in detail. In one the head is compared in size with the size of a human body.


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